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How I plan my Monthly TBR and Actually Stick to It

What does a slow reader have to do to read? With so many books out there and the list of the books I want to read just keeps growing each day, the only possible solution is to ration out the books I can read and that I do, before colossally failing at sticking to the […]

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How to Get Into a Reading Habit

If you never ever wanted to read books…
Or if you always wanted to read but never could?…
Or you love reading but lost the habit…
Or you are entirely bored of the lockdown that there is nothing else you can do…
Or you just love to read about reading,
Here’s a post on how to get into a habit of reading.

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Norse Mythology | Neil Gaiman | Book Review

The Norse Mythology has crept into our everyday lives! We see them in PC games and also in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Norse Mythology is a the retelling of the stories by Neil Gaiman instantly taking us one a journey of awe and wonder and allow us to walk amongst the Gods!
My Rating: 4/5

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