What’s cycling 200 Kilometres in 2 days like?

Are you insane?
Why don’t you just pick up a bike?
Doesn’t it hurt?
Is it even worth it?

After a long ride, I believe that your cycle needs rest (A win-win situation where your muscles can rest and you get a nice pic)

Before I begin, I’d love to thank you for being a victim of a click-bait!
This post comes up after I cycled 194.3 Km in 48 hours. Not much of a difference though, I just didn’t feel like lying especially in my first post (not that I’m okay lying anywhere else.)

The ride began from the Santa Maria Hostel, in Fort Kochi on my first solo travel trip (I’m not from Kochi, if it wasn’t obvious), and got onto the Ferry to Vypin island where I had turned on the GPS to a certain beach and avoided the path recommended by Google because I believe Google shouldn’t get to control my life.

I’d rented this cycle at Fort Kochi, the owner was a great guy but didn’t have any other cycle!
This was an M sized cycle for a guy who needs an L! (Why is life so unfair!) and the handlebar was way too wobbly to even cycle straight and I could barely shift a few gears! (Quite interesting) but my mind was made up and giving up wasn’t an option (Coz I didn’t have the budget to rent a motorcycle, and I am not quite a fan of running yet.) And I’m quite sure that even pros like Fabio Wibmer and Danny Macaskill couldn’t ride this bike!

The first day I had traveled 75.6 km with stops at a few beaches, a nice little roadside hut for lunch, a lighthouse and a few spots where I was told to turn around as they weren’t open to Public (Pfft… whatever does that mean; I definitely didn’t go there, Not a fan of going behind the bars.) And yes by the end of the day, with sore muscles and a stinky sweatshirt and a nice dinner, I closed my eyes to relish each and every moment of the ride!

For the second day, I’d started a little late in the morning as it had rained in the morning and Oh my, Kochi does get way too humid after a shower and I loved it! (That’s coz I’m from a semi-arid area and the dryness just got too mainstream.) It was so humid that if you climbed uphill with your lungs and heart maxed out and your mouth were open, you could literally drink water from the air (Did I mention that I love to exaggerate things sometimes?) I still remember a few locals giving weird glances at me to my random screeches and hoots of joy every few segments and conquering of up-slopes!

I’d cycled over bridges, seaside, hills, the riverside and past beautiful waterfalls amidst a Palm plantation! The uphills were tough and the downslopes were next to godliness! My muscles were screaming for me to stop halfway to Ezhanthumugam after a few deadly upslopes and the sane part of me started spewing obsceneties to the insane part about why I couldn’t take the easier way by renting a bike!

Well all I could do was to take a quote which the Joker said in The Dark Knight

“Do you want to know why I ride a cycle? You see, bikes are too quick. You can’t savor all of the little…emotions. In those beautiful moments, the trails and scenes show you how beautiful they really are. So in a way…I experienced better than you bikers ever did. Would you like to know which of those moments you’d have missed?”

With each passing moment I pedaled and fatigue setting in my muscles I pushed myself as high(literally 400m above sea level) as I could and had to get through sweat burning my skin and eyes, failed re hydration with little amounts of water, I came out teary eyed in bliss and a smile I cannot forget! I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy when I remembered Chris Gardner from The Pursuit of Happnyness say,” This part of my life… this part right here? This is called “happyness.”

One of those resting moments

One of the things I realized while returning was I didn’t have to ring the bell or scream at the traffic to move out of the way and I’d guess it coz they all tried avoiding the stench of sweat!
Well, the traffic wasn’t as bad as it is in Hyderabad ( the city I’m from) I observed that at turnings and junctions, people usually seemed to respect the plight of a cyclist and waited for me to pass by them! Such sweet people! (More often than not, a speeding Tipper or a truck or a bus zoomed past me giving a shock of my life) Now, I know why you were so sweet to me, random driver! But, yeah whatever be the reason, Thank you!

At the end of the 118.7km ride, I returned the cycle to its rightful owner who gave me a discount (probably pitied my dehydrated state which my cheekbones overshadowing my face) or I’d like to think, he was a great guy!

A drink from Kerala’s coconuts just works like magic and a treat to yourself at a local cafe had just been an icing on top of the cake (also, I did have a cake to appease my super hungry body in need of sugar)

And yes, I just wanted to end this post by saying that,
Oh YES! A resounding YES! Cyling long distances is totally worth it!
That feeling of freedom! It feels as if joy and life just bring the best in you alive! And it is just absolutely Wonder-ful !

With this!
Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “What’s cycling 200 Kilometres in 2 days like?

  1. Those numbers sound absolutely terrifying for someone who doesn’t cycle at all ! And yes, I became a victim of click-bait. Actually, I didn’t know what to expect.
    There were a couple of areas which genuinely made me chuckle imagining a tall guy with a M sized cycle exaggerating about things. Nice work 🙂


    1. Well elaborated genuine expressions of passion. You tickled my dormant interest.
      Continue to cycle your passion my young peddler.. Wishing you. MORE N MORE CYCLING TIME With zeal. enthu


    2. Apparently those numbers are terrifying to those who are beginners as well (looks at the mirror)
      Thank you!


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