A Story to Tell

Under the skies so cold
A bead of sweat trickles down.
I wonder about the power I hold
And a voice that tells me to seize my now.
Because I want to Have a Story to Tell.

Flying through a haze
Being blurred by my own tunnel vision
The walls crumbling down on me
I stand strong for I am building my life brick by brick.
For I crave to Have a Story to Tell.

Soaring above my nightmares
Fighting the ghosts of my inhibitions
Curbing all the desires unasked for
Opening my eyes to the reality and my mind to all the change needed
I know I shall someday Have a Story to Tell.

After all the turmoil, it did matter in the end
For I wept and I laughed
I will have defied my fears and bellowed in pain
But some day I shall be looking back over the horizons I’ve conquered
I’d sigh in relief, for then I’d Have a Story to Tell.

This poem, I hope is the one that bridges my writing block and the stories I have yet to tell!
This poem was something I concocted in the spur of a moment for I knew, If I didn’t do it.

I hope you liked this!
Let me know your thoughts!
Until then


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