The moment

I stand tall in crowds
While the crowds find me standing out
Is this just in my head?
Or is it these eyes that sear my conscience

I just need a moment
A moment to be me
A moment to fly free
A moment to feel my smile

I reap the fruits of the thing
the thing they call freedom
the freedom that sucks the life
the life out of a heavy bleeding heart

I crave for a moment
A moment to unshackle my chains
A moment to dream
A moment to see myself smile

I’m fatigued to give
To give myself away
To bring them a few reasons to smile
While I drained mine

I deserve a moment
A moment to hold myself close
A moment to feel liberated
A moment to witness my smile

I’m tired to see myself so tired
I’m frustrated to see myself frustrated
I’m scared to see myself so scared
I’m broken to see myself so broken

I yearn for a moment
A moment to look at the skies
A moment to bleed for joy
A moment to mean my smile

I tried, I cried
I tried and cried
I cried and tried
But, I barely made any difference out there

While, I realise

I now have my moment
The moment to look back into my life
The moment to not find a void in my place
The moment to truly love myself

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