Dreams and all that go together

It could be 2080. There could be a Ceremony. There could be a pyre. There could be fire. And in it a corpse with environmentalists screaming slogans to ban burning corpses in an already toxic atmosphere. There could be people in oxygen masks and Hazmat suits while performing the ceremony thinking about all the great things the frail human that existed before leaving a corpse behind had done – Starting a trust to provide a free lunch to everyone there.

He had not just read a few thousand books and in his later years, he ended up reading about a hundred books a year (They still existed) and he had not just binge-watched a few thousand movies and shows,

He had not only cycled millions of miles and also over the Bering Strait and participated in marathons and triathlons and had not only illegally piloted thousands of hours in his friends jet aircraft which he claimed to have designed,

He had not just helped a village get sustainable and thought of moving to larger endeavors and had not just met Elon Musk and jammed for hours,

He had not only been an ocean conservationalist and had contacts who funded a Nuclear Fusion research lab and he got an unchecked engineers pass and satisfied his thirst of knowledge by making Fusion much more efficient,

He had not just wept and always had been silent about his life and relationships, but one of the people who had wept was a child he had adopted,

He had not only gone to all those places he marked “Wanted to go” on Google Maps. He had not just gone camping in the Amazon,

He had not only blogged as much as he wished to and had not only volunteered at the United Nations and the refugee camps,

But, in the end all they remembered him for was for the goodness in him and the fact that he had lived his life the way he could. He had done what little he could. He knew every little thing mattered. All the big dreams people have, all the grand visions and goals and everything that goes with it, they are good, great even; but just not everything. He had lived in peace and let others live so too.

The corpse lay smiling. The corpse had done its part. It had lived a life it needed. It left behind a void, that only peace and joy could fill. It had turned into a beacon of hope and it allowed fire to turn it into ashes.

He lived a life worth living, and nothing else mattered.

Is it just me, or do things and ideas just spring up in my mind while humming to a Linkin Park song while in a nice, warm shower?

Until next time…
Stay Wonderstruck

Featured Pic Courtesy: Castle Ruin Inspiration

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