The Humans Among Aliens

With all the madness surrounding the Area 51 event, that became a landmark internet meme material in the past few days (still is) and a lot of content being generated over time. All the frenzy mostly, just talks about our inner curiosity of the unknown; and the actual happenings proves us of the fear of the unknown with nothing happening!

What were these people thinking? Some MIB stuff hidden within lockers and universes as large as jewels? Well, none of these possibilities can be ruled out, coz We don’t even know what we don’t know!!

This post isn’t about making fun of the event, or me trying to be a failed aspiring meme lord!
TBH all this made me think about what we expect of Aliens.

Do we think to find a friendly neighbourhood alien like ET or Jadoo? Or an insect like gooey mammal like multi-limbed alien that starred in Alien? or blue exactly Human like Cos play winning Na’vi who mastered at archery from Avatar? Or a purple-ish to green-ish chameleon like Super human with Josh Brolin lookalike with a wrinkled chin from the DCU whose life’s goal is to snap his fingers or a Universe eating one who has problems in writing the words –Dark side? Or a black mouthless one who wears a green skirt and plays around with a carrot eating bunny and ducks!

What is common to all of these ideas?

Whenever we try imagining anything about the unknown, especially in case of Aliens, I’ve observed that these are all simply reflections of mainly ourselves and at times other animals we see.

All these Aliens have either human social constructs that hold their communities together or raw primal, animal instincts in other cases.

The emotions and feelings shown by these unknown, imagined creatures are mirrors to what we are capable of showing or recognising. Anger, love, sadness are somethings that are common. Not to forget hunger, or pure malice is something that’s common where we truly have no idea if other emotions and feelings exist as we can’t comprehend them

What we are incapable of is predicting the unknown where a classic example would be the movie Netflix’s Birdbox which talks about a mysterious force, and if you recollect correctly, this mysterious force is never shown which speaks volumes about the limitations of human capacities to imagine the physical nature of these creatures!
Every other movie or representation is derived from what we see around!

More often than not we are the victims to such Aliens and it’s a fight of survival of the human race. These are also a fight of the good Vs bad. A fight about the just and unjust. Take a moment to ask youself, what exactly is the just and unjust here? Protecting humans and life as we know it from external forces what only wish to either control or decimate everything on Earth?
If I’m not mistaken, this is what we must’ve thought.

Now, ask yourself another question. Who decided what’s good and bad? Us!! We decided protecting ourselves, this world is right. But, that’s one side of the coin. Flip it and when you realise that We in many cases are the perpetrators of such evil over the world! All the killings, decimating life, deforestation and all. We are no different from the Aliens when it comes to ourselves.
It’s just a matter of Perspective.

These representations in pop culture is laden with hypocrisy at the level of humans as a species and does show our strengths. Watch any movie and we can relate to every ideology in there, because we believe in those, or atleast comprehend these ideologies. Or in some cases we are just caught in the cross-fire between these higher beings where the true human instincts kick in and all we can do is to go with the flow with our state of mind as a flux!

But, well at the end of the day, these aliens or Mirrors of everything Homo Sapiens stand for bring light to everything we are. What we need to be. What we dream. And what we live for which makes this genre beautiful and thought provoking.
To me, I feel that the quest of finding aliens isn’t outwards into the skies beyond… but our quest of searching these aliens lies deep within ourselves; within our hearts, brains, souls and minds! Such, content can be seen as a physical manifestation of us introspecting (perhaps without guilt by playing the victim card?)

But, it is an exploration nonetheless! And exploration is what we live for. And direction we head, is the least of our concerns for it is the sole purpose of exploration! Going against the conventional Aliens among Humans I believe it’s also apt to say it’s Humans among Aliens.

This is what I had in mind about our friendly Super aggressive invaders from the next galaxy!
Let me know what you feel about this!
Oh, and if you fell a little over whelmed, I believe I can put your mind to ease. Need a Neuralyzer, buddy?


Pic credits:
Cover: Movieweb

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