I’ve been visiting places
the places we’ve been to
the places we wished to go to
the places we decided to never go to
Sitting in Solace, and a subtle smile on my face
I relive all the beautiful moments
the moments we shared

I don’t know what brought us together,
I wonder why we stuck around each other,
I still wanna know
What is it that made us special
And I wonder
Why couldn’t we take that leap of faith
when things could’ve been so much better now
if only …

With all the dreams we dreamt
With all the crazy schemes we concocted
With all the madness we cherished
surprizingly, the closer I felt we got
Little did I expect
We’d be catapulted so far apart
that our dreams proved to just be dreams
-futile and broken, but dreams nonetheless.

I know things are far from perfect now
Yet, I’ve got no hard feelings
why do I feel weird then?
Or am I furious?
Or is it melancholy laced with guilt?
Or was it the hollowness of separation?

From remembering the tiniest things about us
From being a pillar during the lowest times to each other
From being there when needed
To not remembering who we are
To being too busy for each other
What have you done to us?
What have we done to us?

Hmm, And today I need to ask this
What have I done to us?
Coz I may be late to realise
I played an equal part in this divide
and now I have reached a place
a place to reignite the dying fire
All I can hope is to see if you are in the same place now
About which I may never know…

But, well…
I really hope you’re living the dream,
I really hope you have someone who isn’t me
Someone that couldn’t be the one you needed
All I can do, is wait for just one day
When we forget the past and live with a smile;
Together, for old times sake
And Oh, please Oh
Just let me know if we can make things right
Just let me know how to make things right

In this quest to find answers to the questions
and for whatever answers I am to receive,
Just remember, I will always be happy for you…
And if you’re reading this,
And if you’ve come this far
I hope I brought a smile to your face, dear friend.

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