Her Story

She lay there in ruins
with a broken spirit
Walls closing in, falling apart…
Crying about the glorious days
and dying a day at a time.

She once stood tall by the queens side
sharing their smiles and tears,
accepting all of her whims and fancies,
Many queens had come, and gone
But she looked after each as her own children

Perhaps that was her fault
Trusted herself with the royal blood
for she was beaten by men from far away
while she stood in between them
and her queen.

She could hold on only for so long
men paraded into her
she bled all over, from each bruise…
They broke her, rebuilt her
just to break her again

She made a stand, while her queen fled
and she took the brunt of men
the rapes, the beatings,
they trampled all over her
She wished to scream
But no one would hear

They cut her,
and broke her body
the lit her on fire
they penetrated her as they fancied

She took it all in
Screaming in silence
Her tears burning through her wounds
She lay there in shackles, helpless

After all that she’d been through
they left her alone in the woods
Thieves stole her jewels and left
They carved their names onto her
Branding her, reminding her of her wounds for eternity

Each night she dreamt of the days past
Each day they killed her dreams
Each night she hoped for a better tomorrow
Each day they killed her hopes

I happened to be wandering around
Heard her pleading cries from afar
And there I saw her scared and shattered
And one gesture of care
brought out tears and a story

She lay there
begging me to help her
But, I could do nothing…
She lay there begging me to tell her story
hoping someone would help
Here I am, bringing her story to the world
The story of the Spirit Abandoned Fort


I was inspired to write this poem by what I saw when I visited the Koulas Fort and its shabby desolate state! I have written about my experience to the fort in the previous post

It was hard to see, a beautiful artefact that connects us to our past lie in runs and ignorance by us, the locals and the government!

Writing this was an attempt from my side to remind people about our history, and to bring a reality check on how we take care of our past as a society.

I hope, this has moved you,
If not, I’ll have to work on my skills 🙂
And I hope one day I/we no longer would be Barely Wise!

Until then, take care!

Please do check out the other post: Woes of our desolate History! | Koulas Fort

Credits for the Featured picture: Like Falling leaves by Woods of Desolation

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