The long Journey

Hey you!
The guy who wore a smile always
like the pole star, unwavering
The guy who had more friends than he could count
like the fishes in the ocean
The guy who always had his heart in the right place
like the smell of early mornings
The guy who would stand by you
like a shadow in a lonely starry night
The guy who made the best out of anything
like the joy of looking at the rainbow after the storm

This is an ode to you
For the times you stood up for your friends
For the times you partied with us
For the times you you made everything feel special
For the times you took friendly banter to the next level
For the times you travelled long and wide, living life on your terms

You left us with questions and no answers
You left us with a hug we could never return
You left us indebted to you in so many ways
You left us on a journey, so very far we no longer can see you
You left us forever we felt

But, no
You did come back
You did tell us to be brave and be strong
You did make your way through our hearts
You brought us closer, in your name

And don’t you worry
We hold your spirit within our hearts!
We shall not let you down, Dear friend
We look up to the stars, you are now etched in eternity…


This is a poem in memoriam for a friend of mine.
I hope all of us do stay strong
I hope all of us come out of this
I hope this could be an ode to you!

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