Why I Prefer a Kindle over paperbacks

I believe it is time to bring the age-old feud over which medium is better to read – The newer, younger enthusiastic and energetic Kindle or the older, experienced, better smelling, heavier Paperback

I’d like to make it clear, I absolutely love reading paperbacks and shifted to the Kindle three years back and took an oath to balance my reading on Kindle and paperbacks. Well, not everything lasts forever and I tend to prefer Kindle more now. Have I joined the likes of politicians? (Audible Gasps!)

Well, let me list out everything on my mind!

A Poor man’s saviour

The Kindle is unreservedly friendly on the pocket in the long run! Yes, it might seem a huge investment in the beginning but that’s cheaper than buying that Asterix box set you always wanted!

Books on Kindle are significantly cheaper when compared to their counterparts and over the past few years, I’ve saved more by reading on the Kindle (including the initial investment) when I compare the entire cost of buying books!

Oh, and you can download books for free as well… But, well I’d rather talk about legal stuff.

A Backpackers Blessing

If you ever had to travel and you had to pack in three books into your bag and repent not being able to carry any more books? Kindle takes up a fraction of the space and the weight that paperbacks take up. Also, the Kindle fits into my pockets!

Has it ever happened that midway through your travels you wished you packed another book instead of the one in your hand? You can carry Hundreds of books instead. I’m sorry, but you’d be spoilt for choice.

A Highlighter’s Tir Na Nog

I am someone who prefers to highlight and take notes when I read non-fiction! Forgetting to carry sticky notes and highlighters are a thing of the past. And if you purists are fearing the worst and cringing while you read it, No, I do not fold the pages. Who does that?

The idea of highlighting and taking notes is to use them as a reference at a later time. And you can find all of your highlights and notes collated at a single place instead of you having to sift through pages when in need of any information.

When you are bad at photography and smuggle in a Kindle at IKEA!!

A Touch and Sight Healer

Many people consider reading on the Kindle to be the same as reading on the phone, laptop or a tab. Trust me, it is not. The screen of the Kindle feels just like a book! Except it is lighter and you do not hear the sound of turning the page though.

The electronic ink of the Kindle doesn’t strain your eyes like other screens do and reading on the Kindle device is almost the same as that of reading a physical copy. The backlight feature lets me read in low lights just as well as I would read a paperback. If not, it’s much better!

I forgot my Kindle at home!

That’s the absolute worst when I forget the device or books at home. That’s where the Kindle App on my phone comes to help, during emergencies. Of course, it is not quite comfortable as reading on the device, but it at least gets me through for the day. The status, position, highlights and notes sync over multiple devices as well! You can find anything you want, anytime, anywhere! Thanks to cross-platform services.

A Laziness Police

A Kindle is just a tap away from my next book. I get to read my favourite book anytime. I no longer have to wait to go to the store or get a book delivered to my doorstep. No longer can I procrastinate reading the next book. (Well I can… But I have no legit excuse to)

These are some things that make Kindle superior to Paperbacks but well, paperbacks have their virtues! I do miss a few things that Kindle cannot satisfy me with! Kindle is just not photogenic! #Bookstagram would be crippled if Kindles took over the world! I would not be able to collect custom Bookmarks with a kindle which makes up for those beautiful bookmarks with a tiny black and white ribbon symbol at the top right.

Oh! And don’t take it that I don’t collect books anymore. Just like any bibliophile I buy books I would read on Kindle or have already read just to fill up my bookshelf. I am a ruthless hoarder!

The Kindle just smells like whatever has been in my pockets! But sometimes when I miss the smell of old books, I pick up a book from the shelf and keep it beside me to sniff at it sometimes.

On a lighter note, here is a meme. (Pardon the language though)

I hope this was worth your time!
I would like to know what you think about this. What is your preferred mode of reading?

PS: I found my first e-mail in my inbox today from a sweet soul who refused to identify himself/herself complimenting the title of my blog! I just wanted to Thank you for making my day!

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