Cycling and social distancing

With India slowly coming out of the Lockdown phase, I could no longer hold myself at home. And no, I’m not talking about running to my friends’ place and chill with people outside the confines of my home. Instead, I filled up the tubes of the tyres of my cycle, strapped on my helmet, reinstalled Strava, forgot charging my Action camera and mounted my phone on my cycle and pedalled in the direction away from my home while being a responsible citizen keeping the norms of social distancing in mind.

The sun, hidden behind the clouds at the horizon provided the most comfortable weather to cycle. I cycled aimlessly through the empty morning streets trying my best not to ride over tails of Buffaloes that have been subletting the streets for over two months with no concept of social distancing whatsoever. My muscles screamed in pain, for they seemed rusted over the inactivity of two months, but I kept moving on with something a fellow blogger- the Tempo Cyclist-Tasmania, once told me over a year back, “Just pedal harder.” And that is what I did dutifully.

As I considered turning around in a locality less known what smelt like fish and each breath I took filled my lungs with salt. An indicator that there was a lake nearby was a good reason for me to delay going back home.

Fifteen minutes later I found myself riding on an uneven muddy trail running between two lakes with rocks dividing the two lakes. I tried cycling upslope as much as I could. Hopped off the bike and carried it on my back to the top! And behold a beautiful lake in front of me and a smaller lake with a solitary fisherman in his tiny bowl-shaped boat. Sweat trickled down the back of my neck with a welcoming morning chill because of the cool breeze which apparently gave me Wii-iiiingsssss.

This was the best time to take out my kindle, sit on the highest rock, under the morning sun in a sweat-soaked shirt and using the cycle’s saddle as a footrest and read. The only thing that was missing, was a hot mug of coffee.

After a blissful half an hour and a jealous sun now trying its best to send me home, I succumbed and put the Kindle in my pocket and taking a long breath, I realised… I found another happy spot where I can be myself!

Euphoria swept through my nerves rendering all conscious thought moot. I began pedalling downhill over rocks on a Hybrid cycle with tyres lacking any grip to the surface of the rocks underneath. But, physics didn’t care about my intentions and ensured I properly tested the durability of my helmet thrice and the limit to which my ankle could twist. I got back on the saddle with a sprained ankle with a smile on my face forgetting I had to wince. But, who cares! It was now high time.

I had no clue where I was. And this is where Google Maps took over control of my life until I reached home!

Also, here is another song you can perhaps enjoy!

You can listen to this on Spotify and Apple Music.

Hope you have a great time ahead and do take care!
More Power to you!

7 thoughts on “Cycling and social distancing

  1. It felt like I was there, along with you, breathing in the sweet Summer fragrance of the lake. Someday, sometime, I might have a chance to accompany you on these beautiful journeys. Keep writing, keep inspiring!

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