Anything You Want | Derek Sivers | Book Review

A Spoiler free review

I would never have thought to pick up this book. I mean, the cover is just a kid in sand (Well the pic sure is super cute though). Looked preachy and janky to me. But, catch my eye it did and before I knew it I was adding it to my reading list. I had my doubts, I mean just 90 pages, what could it even deliver?

Never could I have been so glad to be wrong to have found a book I can revisit anytime! And it’s small size, is its virtue. I do not have doubts that this will be my to-go book anytime and it sure has impacted me in a way that I shall keep returning to it!

Title: Anything You Want
Author: Derek Sivers
Pages: 90
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Image Credits: Goodreads

My Thoughts

This book is about what the author learnt through the journey of his business CDBaby through many unconventional counter-intuitive methods and sold it for 22 million dollars! A hobby of his turned into a business and his capital went into setting up a domain and buying books on PHP and CSS!

He speaks of a business as a service to his customers as the prime objective which many companies move away from over time while dealing with things they don’t need.

This book, to me, is just not about entrepreneurship or businesses. Most of what Derek says can be used in our day to day lives and our personal relationships as well by providing value to people around you, you allow others dreams come true and in the process achieve your dreams as well.

The simple writing is something I really liked. It brings the reader in and makes the reader to not put the book down until it is done! This book is something that can give hope to anyone starting their businesses or experts in their fields as well. This book could be a holy grail to anyone who is on the fence having cold feet to begin their business.

In the end, it’s about what you want to be, not what you want to have.

Derek sivers

By the end of the book, it does feel like I know who Derek is and he seems like a person I would love to be around and easy to befriend. He has made business look beautiful, simple and bountiful while removing all the complexities we create by ourselves and that is one of the things that stood out for me.

My Recommendation

This is a book for everyone, including beginners and the best people in their fields.
I mean it’s a book even the slowest reader can finish in 2 hours! And it is one you can keep forever.
I would score it 10/10!

You can find the summarised notes of the book here.

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I hope this post was helpful! And you have a great day ahead! And do stay safe!
More Power to you!

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