Show Your Work| Austin Kleon| Book Review

Each time I searched anything about the book Anything you want, for some reason Google, Goodreads and Amazon shoved this onto my screen until it plopped with a thud into my Kindle. And Oh my! What a book this turned out to be.

I can perhaps claim that this is a book I needed now.

Title: Show Your Work
Author: Austin Kleon
Pages: 224
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Image Credits: Goodreads

My Thoughts

This book swept me to places I never went, to deep corners of my brain, introspecting, decisions I made, learnt from the small details which I missed. The things I could have done differently became apparent. I knew what I need to do with this blog which is a major project of mine where I can pump up my creative juices! This book is a simple, fun filled, insipring and a huge repository of quotes that could drown you in wonder and realisation.

Online, everyone – the artist and the curator, the master and the apprentice, the expert and the amateur-has the ability to contribute something.

Austin Kleon

The book begins with you, and how to accept yourself to be an Amateur, you always learn and keep learning which resonates with the concept of the name of this blog! By the end of the book the approach moves outward towards the community you reach out, who trusts you and you trust them back. It ends on the note to keep going on.

This book gave me the courage to share my ideas, even if I am not an expert and understanding the fact that a mentor doesn’t have to be someone who is accomplished but also those who are around you!

Being an amateur gives you the scope to try and use whatever toold you can get your hands on and work on them and that is what keeps creativity going.

You can’t find your voice if you don’t use it.

Austin Kleon

The confidence that exudes after reading this book has been phenomenal and there is so much to learn from this book at a granular level that allows you to think and process your creative minds and interact with your own community irrespective of where you come from and giving ideas to build your own tribe, your own fam and make the most of it.

Also, the artwork and the overall theme of the book is so calm and welcoming that would make you want to settle down and immerse yourself into the genius world of Austin!

My Recommendation

This book is something I would mainly recommend to all the artists out there who are showcasing what they do and to those who are on the fence contemplating the pros and cons to take the leap of faith in showcasing their creativity. But, it still is relevant to anyone who wishes to pickup this book, they sure could take back something out of it. And, this definitely is a must read for anyone into Marketing!

I would give it a recommendation score of 8/10 just because of its niche audience.

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