!! Literary Projects’ Reveal !!

Reading is an experience that liberates me, energises me and teaches me everything that I really would ever need. And it is the joy of reading that got me thinking to do something huge! Something I have never done before – Taking up Two Literary Projects whose scale and effort terrifies me to the core. And that challenge is what I look forward to. I will be taking the time and making an effort to check these two off my Bucket list!

I am really excited about the two major reading projects I am embarking upon! These two projects are something I have always wanted to do and it feels great making them official!

Project Cross Borders

This has been a dream since my ninth grade! I never gave it much though in between and I believe it is high time to work on this project. It sure is a huge thing for me and I believe this is something that must be done.

At a time when it is all the more important to be a Global Citizen, books are one of the biggest bridges to other cultures, and this is exactly something that I absolutely want to do. Read a book from Every Country!!

Project Cross Borders would allow me to be a part of, witness and live in each country without having to physically travel. At the end of the day, don’t books transport you to the world they are based on? I’d be able to see the world through a different pair of eyes.

Doesn’t it feel amazing? To virtually be a part of every country in the world… If you look at it, I get to keep thoughts, ideas, stories and mindsets of atleast one person of each country. The best part is that I would have made a connection with folks across Borders which would not be easy to travel to. But well, let’s keep that thought at the back of our heads and try travelling to each country on the charter!

Honestly, the thought of reading a minimum of 193 books is scary, but I guess… Patience is the key.

This project can also be something others can take away from as well and use as a reference!

You can find all the updates for the project Here.

Project India

More on Project India.

It was December 2019, when there was a lot of Political tension in India with the Introduction of the Citizen Amendment Act which made me realise how disconnected I am with Indian Politics and India itself.

I began to introspect and realised that almost everything I read comes from the West (USA and the UK mostly). I had disassociated myself from Indian literature and I had to get back to my roots as well. Honestly, I had tried a few contemporary books which were viral in India a couple of years back, mostly romance which I felt were too cringy which scarred me!

And that is how the Idea of reading One book from each State of India came up. India is a country with thousands of cultures living together (We’ve got about 18% of the World’s population haha) and this project would allow me to understand cultures and mindsets of people from various parts of the country!

While searching for these books it is evident by how difficult they are to find, how we Indians have been neglecting our own books and culture

I have already begun reading Indian books since March 2020, and you can find all the updates of the project Here.

I hope that over due course of me working on this project, I would write reviews of the books I read and hopefully those would be something you enjoy and perhaps could take back something from.

I would like to request you to recommend me books of various Countries (or States of India) so that I can read those as well! Also, I would love it if anyone would be interested to join me on this project as well! The More the Merrier!

Please do let me know what you think, and drop in your suggestions in the Comments!

More Power to You!

Here’s a song I believe would suit this post perfectly!

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