How To plan You Monthly TBR and Actually Stick to It

What does a slow reader have to do to read? With so many books out there and the list of the books I want to read just keeps growing each day, the only possible solution is to ration out the books I can read and that I do, before colossally failing at sticking to the plan!

But, well… I at least read some books that I wanted to when I plan to read some books each month! And that’s enough gratification. Oh, and I just began listening to Audiobooks, so now I can read more as the time I spend being anxious reduces considerably.

Jokes aside, I found a loophole to the TBR list I make each month. I plan based on genres and projects instead of the titles! The book I read becomes secondary as I aim to read atleast one book from each of the genres or types. The books I read can be replaceable within the genre! The best part? I can cheat and yet be satisfied! I’ll let you know the cheats to this method as well in a while!

So, here you go! The types of books I read each month! I keep note of the TBR lists on an app called Notion.

TBR For July


Duh! This one is something that has to be taken granted. A life without fiction is not worth living! I love to get lost in wondrous worlds of fantasy, magic and wonder. I also end up reading stories that are so close to reality that I can taste the vibes of the book wafting into the reality I live in! I really don’t have any more pointers to this! I simply just love reading it!


Each month I try to read a book written by an Indian as part of Project India where I wish to read atleast one book from each state in India with an intention to let sink in the huge diversity in cultures, people and kinds of storytelling. Just imagine the different kinds of stories that would come out when authors write representing different parts of a country that houses around 20% (17.8% to be precise) of the world’s population!

You can check out the books I have read and those I will be in the Project India page!

Female Authors

I began to track the books I read on a Google spreadsheet and also on Goodreads and one day it struck me that 95% of the books I’ve read were all written by male authors; the other 5% being books written by Enid Blyton and J K Rowling. Not that reading books by male authors are bad, but I feel there’s so much that would be missed out by not reading what female authors have to say, and OMG! that was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year!

Project Cross Borders

This is another project of mine where I aim to read atleast one book from each country in the World (currently only those that are member states in the United Nations). Books are great ways to see a world and life through another person’s eyes! And seeing through the eyes of people I never known in lands far away would be equivalent to having travelled to those countries! And that is precisely what I wish to do. Hop on a world tour through books.

You can be a part of the World Tour in the Project Cross Borders page!

Non Fiction

All Play and no Work makes Kushal an unproductive boy! I began to read non fiction books quite recently, the first being The Richest Man in Babylon which was rotting in the corner of my shelf for the last 11 years! And Oh boy, the knowledge I gained through it made me realise how much I have been missing out all these years. I needed to be balanced! And hence I ensure I read atleast one book of non fiction each month! To take things a step higher and making the most of these books, I began to take notes of them which I feel would help people who are not into Non fiction or self-help find value in short reads and take back with them the essence and the value of the book without having to read the books!

You can find the Notes and Summaries I have written here!

Graphic Novels

All’s well but Graphic Novels are great too! I just love the visual appeal of those books which make it much easier to read and helps me delve deeper into the story, see the expressions and experience the story with the characters. Graphic novels are not just comics for children, Graphic novels have deep stories, some which conventional books cannot do justice too. Graphic Novels bring the world closer with meaningful stories like the Complete Maus and Persepolis!

So, one of the things that make it work is that tracking my books genre wise or project wise has given me an assurance that I will read books at some point or the other in an organised manner. I can make the best out of all and yet enjoy everything I read and maximise the effort of reading! I get to learn and ponder over non fiction and relax by getting lost in unknown universes through fiction or be awestruck through magic realism which actually inspires me to write stories!

What’s the cheat, you ask? Well, I mentioned 6 kinds genres/projects but they don’t have to be six different books! For example, I plan to read The Complete Persepolis next month which checks off a book by a female author, Project Cross Borders and it is a Graphic Novel. If I read a non fiction book from India, I’d have checked off two more categories! Hence I have 3 books I have to read.

What do I do for the rest of the month? I plan for the compulsory books for the next month and read books from another category that I haven’t mentioned previously. Buffer Books. I pick up any book from a list of ten books I have as buffer whenever I have time in a month to read books after I finish reading the rest!

At the end of the day (rather month), I can fairly say that I have read what I planned to, perhaps not the books I wished to but atleast the kinds of books. One thing I have come to realise is that each book has something new to offer (which is different from good or bad) and that is what matters! I can get out what I really like from the books and see the world through different eyes.

Well! I guess you’ve had something to take back from this post as well! So, here you go!

I’d love to know if you have been able to successfully follow up on your TBRs and also how do you plan them?

Until next time, Stay home, stay safe!
More Power to you!

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