Essentialism | Greg McKeown | Book Review

I picked this book because the cover was simply amazing. Yes! I judged the book by the cover! Haha.

This book would be useful to those who feel overworked and underutilised, to those who feel busy but not productive, to those who are always in motion but not really getting anywhere. Essentialism makes you think by asking few questions and gives tools that allow you to make amends to your own life. The questions are simple, but the answers are deep and hide in the innermost parts of our minds. The major ideas of the book are:

  1. Distinguish between the trivial many and the vital few.
  2. Live by Design, not by default.
  3. Eliminate what is not essential. (Really Important)
  4. Execute through frictionless means.

This book shows a way to live life true to yourself and not the life others expect from you.

Title: Essentialism
Author: Greg McKeown
Genre: Non Fiction/ Productivity/ Self Help
Pages: 260
Rating: 3/5
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Image Credits: Goodreads

My Thoughts

If I were to talk about this book in a sentence, I’d say, “This is a book about mostly everything we already know, but puts them in writing collated in 260 pages.” This is a book which talks about how one has to work towards everything that is essential to themselves! It advocates one to follow the “Less, but better” mindset which does make a lot of sense as taking up lesser projects to excel in something meaningful to you is what would allow you to have a meaningful life. This book in a way talks about how one can live a life of essentialism in a way that Viktor E Frankl talks in his “Man’s search for meaning.”

This book does have a few good insights that make you go, “Daaaamn! I’ve always had this in mind, But now I actually understand it” and this is one of the major reasons I would recommend someone to read the book.

A major highlight is a subtractive mindset which one should take up instead of adding things in life. This is the best thing one can take back from the book where instead of adding new goals/projects in life one must be ready to say No, and keep what is essential as a priority and still not lose out on what you really like, which boils down to understanding and be able to frame what is truly essential. This book does a great job and opening a mindset into finding out what is essential for ourselves. Oh, and don’t forget the “HELL YEAH! or No” mindset by Derek Sivers. This book goes into depth with the concept which truly makes sense! This book did help in giving precise actionables to get a lot of things done and things that shouldn’t be done which can be revisited from time to time in order to not forget any of the things we need to know.

My Recommendation

I would say that you wouldn’t lose out on much by not reading this book. Reading it, definitely would bring some value definitely but with so many books out there, I felt I could’ve read something that gives me a lot of new information.

I’d strongly suggest you read the Notes I’ve written to get an overarching idea and actionables you can take back from the book in order to save your time and have a written document to help you keep things in focus. I really would urge you to do so.

If you liked this, You may like: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl and Anything you Want by Derek Sivers

I Would Rate it:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Here is a song for you before you leave.

Until Next Time,
Stay Home, Stay Safe,
More Power To You

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