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Spoiler Free Review

I picked up a crime/thriller book after 6 years and reading Nemesis, I was not disappointed. This thought struck me just as I had begun writing the review! Now, that I think of it, it sure is weird for I loved the genre back then! I do hope to read more of the sort from now on and as I said, no regrets that this book broke the 6-year dry spell of Crime Thrillers.

Adding on, this is a book I chose as a book from Norway in my Project Cross borders where I intend to read atleast one book from each country in the World. You Can check all the books I’ve read and will read by means of the project Here.

Title: Nemesis (Sorgenfri)
Author: Jo Nesbo
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Pages: 695
Rating: 3/5
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Image Credits: Goodreads (I Liked this cover more than the one in the Cover Pic :p)

My Thoughts

Harry Hole, a great detective with a drinking problem from the Crime department in Oslo, Norway is a character you would empathise and has the best character development from the beginning to the end. All the characters in the book were well described and serve their own purpose and that is one of the things I liked in the book.

I loved the buildup and suspense to the multiple cases going hand in hand! There sure was a lot happening and Jo Nesbo writes in such a way that you don’t lost out on anything and has a flair to keep you on the edge of the seat.

The language was fluid, easy to understand and overall a great translation. It was so good that one could finish the book without ever knowing it was a translated work from Norwegian!

The dialogues were fun, witty and mostly just enough, not more and not less. This balance can be seen all through the book, wonderfully edited, a constant pace all through and there was no part where I got bored. The descriptions were the best part of the book. The way Oslo was described, the weather, people and all the hints of the culture there was beautifully captured and honestly, it did not feel like I was reading a 700-page book.

What I liked the most: I really liked the way the plot unfolded, the unexpected twists at the right place, and the way the confluence of multiple cases and events were great. Honestly. the plot is great!

What I didn’t like: There were times where the characters were off and did not behave as they should for example (not a spoiler) It was weird when a witness to murder calls the police, goes about his job and later says, “I had nothing else to do until the police arrived” and nothing else. There were tiny parts like these all over. Capturing relevant emotions is one place where the book didn’t work.

My Recommendation

Honestly, you wouldn’t miss out on anything much if you did not read it. It wasn’t remarkable or Mind-boggling. At least to me.

Overall the book is good, but just not good enough. I would recommend this book to people who like the crime genre and also would like a light read which moves at a great pace.

I Would Rate it:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

What are your favourite Crime novels (non fiction sounds good too)? Let me know in the comments, please. I’d love to read amazing books

Hope you liked the review! And here is a song for you before you leave. I’ve always loved this theme!

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