4 Books That Changed My Life

It’s been six months since I picked up my reading habit again after a gruelling dry spell of three years! And this time, I began reading non fiction (for a change), which I previously felt was reserved for boring people. Hmpf, Quite mature of me! Or perhaps, did I become one of the boring people out there? I’d rather blame it on immaturity, Haha.

From someone who ran away from Non Fiction, to someone who reads Non Fiction every month and is an important part of my TBR is a huge thing! And that happened mainly because of four books which made me fall in love with the Genre. These books brought an immense change in me and brought a lot of value in my life and I felt everyone should know these Golden nuggets or if you’ve read any of these, perhaps reminisce these!

The Richest Man In Babylon

George S Clason

I have always been a collossal failure at handling money where my monthly allowance slipped past my fingers within a week and I had no clue how it all flew away!

Ah, the plight of those days! This book revealed everything wrong that I did and gave me perspectives to right my wrongs, which was what made all the difference. I really loved the way this book is a series of short stories with powerful values in each story which allowed me to transition from Fiction to Non Fiction. My perspective shifted from considering the number in my bank as money, to looking at it as wealth. And yes, there is a massive difference and I urge you to read the book to get the best understanding of it.

I not only began saving money, I have been attempting to get wealth earn for me. I began investing, spending some time a day to earn through the Stock Markets (Being an absolute beginner, I have a lot to learn!) and lost a lot as well. But Yes, I did learn a lot out of it and sure was a huge step.

I would consider this my Bible to Financial literacy!

Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg

If I have to attribute my increase in productivity, reduced my screen time from 11 hours a day to 3 hours, sleeping better, exercising better, I would do it to this book. This book has been at the centre of all the change I’ve had!

I’ve been able to understand why some of my unwanted habits are triggered and replace them with better habits. I have been reading every single day since I finished this book, without a break. And that began a chain of events where I can read more, understand more and make more time for myself to relax!

I would suggest everyone to read this book as this has the power to cause a shift in every aspect of your life!

Anything you Want

Derek Sivers

Especially at a time when I am getting back to blogging. Anything You Want by Derek Sivers inspired me to give a direction and a theme to this blog and gave me the courage to buy a domain name and make a commitment to the process.

I have a clear goal as to how I want my blog to look and do. And I now have a direction to go along.

This book also gave me an insight into the relations I hold with people around me and retrospect. I’ve been able to see and understand where I could have been better and what I could have done in most situations and look forward to take these learnings forward to the things I plan to do from now on and the people I meet!

I’ve also written notes for this book which you can check out Here.

Show your work

Austin Kleon

Just as Anything you want gave me direction to go with my life and my online presence, Show Your Work told me how I could stay in the direction and make the best out of what I do.

This book gave me the courage to take up new challenges and reach out to people, look around from peers and share what I wish to without inhibitions, for I realised there would be someone out there to whom what I have to say matters. It is a book that talks about things anyone who is starting out a new project would need to know!

To be honest, Anything You Want and Show Your Work sort of compliment each other, accentuating their individual worth justifying the saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Reading the two books helped me change my style of writing! My writing was reserved, restricted with descriptions as bland as a bowl of flavour-less oats. A scientific research paper would’ve exuded more emotions that my writing! Now, I write with a little more freedom, being a little bit more of myself. Of course it is a work in progress, but I sure have a lot to learn. These book gave me the gentle nudge to being open to my writing and trust more in the small tribe I may be beginning to garner and I would be eternally indebted to these two books for my journey on blogging.

I can actually see the difference in my style in the short stories I’ve written. The difference between the first story I’ve written (The Reunion) and the latest one (But, What is Your Name?) is too huge!

These books changed me from the core, for the better. And I am forever indebted to these books. And I believe putting these books out could help anyone out there! If my life were a science fiction movie, reading each of these books would look as a portals that allowed me to shift to different timelines, universes and narratives escaping the rut I was in previously.

I’ve been reading a lot of Non Fiction books and I believe I can grow with each new book!

I would love to know which books mean the most to you? Please do let me know through the comments and if possible, recommend a few to me as well!

Talking about reading non Fic reminded me of Hermione from Harry Potter, So, here is some music you could enjoy !

Until Next time!
Stay Home and Stay Safe
More Power to You!

8 thoughts on “4 Books That Changed My Life

  1. I read
    Richest man in babylon…

    Half a path
    Like saving 1/10th part sounds good…

    Then other half path
    Invest to draw ongoing profit…sounds fantasy…

    (It is like we go to school n college, we r instructed to study-n-score well…but very few students take it seriously.
    We join office, again performance n promotion with huge perks cone handy…very few people pay attention)…

    So the basic trouble is theory n practical life both goes parallel,

    Identical but different…

    I liked your words so chose to share my feelings…

    After all you can show the path…traveling on the path depends on traveller whether he is on foot, 2 wheels, 4 wheels…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do not think of investing to draw profit as fantasy. That’s basically how the stock market works right?
      I invest and I earn without working for it!
      Yes, there is a risk, but that’s where judgement comes in!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Life is like…

    We r taught in school
    …always speak truth…

    Gradually u grow up…then u understand the truth of life n act of society…

    There is a very fine difference in practical and cunning…

    Both again run parallel.

    ,,🌼💮🏵️if you wish to react r share you thoughts, do reply me on this.

    Liked by 1 person

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