Why I want to Fail 100 Times

Okay, the Title may have looked like a clickbait but it isn’t and I surely intend to do what I say in the title!

This thought came to me when I was at an interview and I was rejected coz I wasn’t really good at knowing facts and not have formulae by heart. It didn’t matter that I understood the concepts behind the processes and formulae. It hit me hard, I wasn’t someone who got rejected at things and I also understood one of the reasons for the rejection is that I didn’t have a proper focus. I always considered myself to be a colossal failure at rote learning but it was just an excuse.

I am really good at a few things like thermodynamics, Heat transfer and Fluid Mechanics, but had never had a keen eye at manufacturing processes and material sciences which is what many companies also need. These studies are needed to survive for the sake of practicality. I understood my mistake here. I never thoroughly explored those subjects and that I had been blaming my faculty for not having taught them properly (it is definitely a strong reason for me being weak at those subjects but not an excuse for something that is essential for survival and my career).

To understand a company’s strategy, look at what they actually do rather than what they say they will do.

Andy Grove

It was on the drive back home that this counter-intuitive thought struck me. I realised that people do not start new projects and pursue ideas because they are a huge behemoth and truly daunting tasks. Just like what I did in case of my apparent “inherent disability to by heart formulae”, I gave up before even trying. I gave up at the valley of despair of the Dunning-Kruger effect plot! We expect a lot out of ourselves even before getting our hands dirty and start building castles in the clouds. We simply don’t start things because we fear failure or at least fear not succeeding. Or perhaps it is just me.

Put in the Best Efforts

When I say I want to fail, I do not mean to try something and give up without putting my efforts into the project. Each thing I try and attempt at, I really would put in the best work I can into it.

I wouldn’t consider something a failure if I didn’t put my sweat and blood (tears, if need be) to it. I wouldn’t call myself a failure for not studying for an exam and fail. I would fail when I raise the bar from my current standard, try my best to achieve the set standard and not reach the new standard.

More things to Do

By now I’m sure you would be thinking that I’m a few pegs down and am talking crap, but this section will bring a little more clarity, I hope.

By giving my best to what I do, I get to push my limits and perhaps would even succeed at the job. When I succeed I would have to either raise the stakes even higher or search for another project to start in order to find another goal/project to fail at. Each time I succeed it becomes harder for me to achieve the next goal.

And that is going to help me with exposure. I would be forced to try out things that I never had and give them my best shot. So, logically I would be forced to try out at least a 100 things in order to fail a 100 times and perhaps more if I succeed at any of my endeavors I try out.

Great Learnings

The more non-fiction I’ve been reading, the more I’ve come to understand how many different seemingly unrelated things can be connected to learn from. This process is something I realised when I read How will you measure your life by Clayton M Christensen.

So, with each new thing I try, I learn through it and would implement those to the next big thing I try out. And with more learnings, it becomes harder to fail at something.

This sort of runs like a video game what progressively levels up. Fighting each boss or liberating each outpost requires different skill sets. My goal would be to defeat the boss. I would try to use stealth in the beginning. If I beat the boss, well and good; I move on to the next mission. If I fail, I would add the failure into my list of failures, learn what didn’t work well, prepare better, and try a different strategy to beat the boss. I believe this analogy sums my concept. I really do look forward to Failing at 100 things.

The other day I was browsing and found the concept of the Impossible List on ImpossibleHQ really intriguing and I decided to make my own and this is a good start to keep pushing myself and explore the things I really wouldn’t have done so.

The first thing I would be trying is to start a Podcast by the end of August. I currently am reading about the basic necessities of podcasting and am working on a script for the first episode of the Podcast as well. So, stay tuned for updates on it as I will come up with a post when I have sorted out all the things my amateur mind can and make it public! So, fingers crossed, I really hope to make this fun and interesting for you folks as well.

Umm, perhaps if I were being really honest, this post is entirely about Failing at 100 different things. And on second thoughts the title was a Clickbait, Haha! Apologies… But, Oh well (Really not sorry).

I’d love to know the kinds of things you try out to push your limits and make things easier to explore new things out there?

Cover Pic Credits: Pexels

3 thoughts on “Why I want to Fail 100 Times

  1. what a wonderful post! I literally had an epiphany last week about this very thing, except I chose to label myself a lazy perfectionist haha. It is true that we all do expect a lot out of ourselves without actually giving ourselves the clarity and strength to commit to the thing we want to do. I did write down the book you mentioned and also I wrote down some of your words because I thought it was pure brilliance! Thanks for this post !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for such kind words! This just made my day!
      I really hope the book would be valuable to you!

      Also, I hope you do get to be the perfectionist you wish to be!


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