The MurderBot Diaries | Martha Wells | Book Series Review

Spoiler Free Review

It’s been ages I read science fiction! And on top of that, a series!!!

I really could not wait to pick up the next book of the series once I put one down. And that is precisely the reason I couldn’t write reviews for each book. I just decided to write a review for the series in one go. There is just so DAMN much to tell or rave about this series.

If I were to review this book in one line, I would Say: A Serious, seriously hilarious, nail-biting edge of the seat coming of age experience of a witty sentient murderous robot!

Series Info

Books: All Systems Red (#1) | Artificial Condition (#2) | Rogue Protocol (#3) | Exit Strategy (#4)
Author: Martha Wells
Pages: 144 | 158 | 158 |176
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: To all the books, 4/5

My Thoughts

I’m not even sure where to begin! Each of the books in the series is special in its own way, each with its own purpose and each showing a new side of Murderbot – A SecUnit commissioned by the corporation in a spacefaring civilization where interplanetary travel is just as normal as travelling between cities and wormholes are just like travelling through tunnels which hacked its own governor module and try to find its purpose.

Martha Wells has done an impeccable job to document everything about our nice sentient robot while being perched inside its head processor. This sentient SecUnit which hacked its own Governor unit is a lot like humans and is superior in many ways. It likes to put off its work but does the needful it when it absolutely has to or perhaps when it chooses to. This is a story of a binge-watching Security Bot (sometimes even during conflict! #parallel_processing_rocks) without you ever knowing. And tries to figure out what it really wants in its life when it isn’t binge-watching and running away from human company.

I didn’t know what to expect before getting into the series. And Oh MY! Each book raised the bar to my expectations and the next book delivers more than the previous book and raises the bar even high. A good kind of a Vicious Cycle.

I couldn’t find any character unrelatable in this book including other robots! I really found the bots much more fun than humans. This book has a perfect balance of emotion and story that makes you empathise with many of the characters (even the villains, Haha). Murderbot, ART, Rahtee and Mensah are truly some of the Characters I will not forget!

This series has a super good pace and anyone who understands what a computer is meant for (even if all they knew was MS Paint) would understand it. The plots in each of the books are pretty simple and honestly, if it weren’t for Murderbot’s narrative and character, this series would’ve been drab and just another story. The language and the overall theme of the books are what makes these stories really worth reading was really masterfully executed. This is a book that made cliché beautiful again! If this were a movie, I’d be sitting at the edge of the seat.

What I really liked about the Series: The tone of the narration, the pace and most of all Murderbot’s character are just a delight to behold. Really loved how Martha turned simple stories into amazing nail biting experiences.

What I didn’t like about the Series: Not much, but again, super simple stories, Haha!

My Recommendation

Anyone can pick up these books. These are super light reads that anyone would enjoy.

The only issue would perhaps be the fact that it is advisable to read them one after another as the stories are interconnected with each other. They could be read mutually exclusively as well, but the experience wouldn’t be quite good.

I Would Rate it:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

So, here is a song for you.

A Weird thought, but what would be the first thing you do if you were a robot that hacks your own Governor Module giving you full access to do anything?

Until Next Time,
Stay Home, Stay Safe,
More Power To You

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