My Impossible List

As I was reading How will you measure your life? by Clayton Christensen, I began to think about things that mean most to me and that took me to my bucket list. I realised that most of the things were things I just keep putting off and never actually work on them.

And that prompted me to search for ways to motivate myself to keep a track of things I am doing and provide a track on the most essential path that would bring most meaning to my life. There was this link on the third page of Google search (Yes, I search there as well!) that spoke about an impossible list by Thomas Frank from College Info Geek.

The impossible list is a concept which is a twist to the Bucket list which is all about things you wish in life and can achieve them. It is more or less static.

The impossible list on the other hand is dynamic. This list is about things I would never expect to achieve. These are things that only the big stars could do! But there’s no harm trying it out right? Also, each time one of the things gets checked off my list, I would have to find something more challenging and tougher.

In short anything I feel is Impossible as of today goes into the list with me trying my best to achieve it!

Life Goals

  • Make a Village Self sufficient with energy.
  • Start a world class school for underprivileged children.
  • Publish Book
    • Collection of Short Stories
    • A Novel
  • Volunteer/Work at United Nations
  • Make A meaningful Difference in at least 1 person’s life.


  • Cycling
    • 100 KM – Century Ride Metric (1 July 2019)
    • 161 KM – Century Ride (6 March 2020)
    • 400 KM
    • 1000 KM
    • Tour Of Nilgiris
    • The Haute Route(Official Website)
    • Intercity biking
    • Inter Country biking
    • Across the Bering Strait when frozen
  • Triathlon
    • Sprint
    • Olympic
    • Half Iron
    • Iron
  • Learn Hockey
  • Relearn Horse Riding


  • Mountaineering
    • Mt Fujiyama
    • K2
    • Kilimanjaro
  • All 28 States of India
  • Sail on Every Ocean
  • Travel to every continent
  • Touch the corals at the Great Barrier Reef



  • Read Books Daily
    • 50 Books a Year [Ongoing]
    • 100 Books a Year
    • 200 Books in All
  • Journal
    • Continuously for 50 days
  • Write with my left hand
    • Continuously for 50 days


  • Write Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki with my Left hand. (I’m a Right hander) [Ongoing]
  • Fail at 100 different things.[Ongoing]
  • Take Pics
    • With Mt Fujiyama in the Background
    • Under Aurora Borealis
    • Under Aurora Australis
    • Scratching a Blue Whale
    • Highfiving a Dolphin
    • Feeding a wild Beluga whale
    • A penguin ignoring me
  • Own
    • an iPhone
    • a Carbon Fiber road bike
    • a Typewriter
  • Be a part of a play
  • Act in a movie
  • Attend 10 Formula 1 Grand Prix live

If you were to have an Impossible list for yourself, what would be the top three things that would go in there??

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5 thoughts on “My Impossible List

  1. Bravo😁

    This piece of expression is somthing i wa ted to do. U created it i felt someone did it. I got inspired…

    Very soon i put on my blog as well…

    Thank you..

    Keep growing, keep nurturing ur thoughts

    Liked by 1 person

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