Outliers | Malcolm Gladwell | Book Review

This is a book about people who do things that are more than ordinary and pointing out that there is something fundamentally wrong in the way we look at success. People believe success is all about personal efforts that they are blind to the external factors that make someone an outlier.

The major point is that anyone who has become an outlier has had help from outside topping off their personal efforts.

Title: Outliers: The Story of Success
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Genre: Non FIction
Pages: 309
Rating: 3/5
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Image Credits: Goodeads

My Thoughts

Just after I finished the book it felt quite revealing and insightful and it had a different approach to look at things. But by the time I began writing notes for the book, things somehow didn’t fall in place. Some conclusions didn’t make sense and some facts seemed to be cherry-picked to prove a point. I somehow felt that the content in this book is a misconception between correlations and causations. There were many parts in the book where if you looked closely, in between the lines, you would find correlations everywhere while Malcolm asserts his argument by assuming causality there.

Yes, the basic idea and concept of the book makes sense, and actually was really insightful. But slowly as chapters passed by, the concepts become flimsy. I honestly felt this would better have been an article instead of a book.

But, Malcolm’s writing makes this book an entertaining pageturner making anyone marvel at the book in the first read. While reading the book, I barely had a slump in my reading speed and I had to force myself to shut the book in order to sleep! This book is more entertaining than is informative.

What I really liked about the book: Presentation is the key in this book! The content was great at many parts of the book that helped me understand that there’s more than that meets the eye and look for it.

What I didn’t like about the book: This book lacks any practical working solutions or actionables. It is just about telling “That’s how things are”. There isn’t much to take back from the book to help us out other than, keep doing right things, seize opportunities when they arrive and if all extra components come together, then you too would become an outlier. This is something that we already know. Honestly, by the end, I felt helpless after reading this book.

My Recommendation

How much ever I feel that this book did not live up to my expectations I still feel that this is a book that anyone can try reading. Perhaps not just for what the author intended the book for, but to see how the other side of the coin looks like.

This according to me doesn’t have to be something to be pushed up the priority order in your TBR.

If you liked this, You may like: Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner (Goodreads)

I Would Rate it:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

So, here is a song for you.

I’ve been trying to find a few books on success and improving productivity. I was wondering if you could drop in a comment with a few suggestion for books to read!

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