Limitless | Jim Kwik | Book Review

I’ve been following Jim’s podcast for a while and never put the stuff in action. And well, I thought reading usually helps me do things, so why not just try reading this and hope that it inspires me to do something! Well, it did!

Title: Limitless: Core Techniques to Improve Performance, Productivity, and Focus
Author: Jim Kwik
Genre: Self Help / Nonfiction
Pages: 343
Rating: 5/5
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Image Credits: Goodreads

My Thoughts

This book is powerful and useful only when we would actually begin working on the stuff in this book. This book is a well rounded gold mine of useful information and actionables to learn “How to learn”. Limitless would be a great tool for people who wish to improve or sharpen their mental capacities!

The book begins with Jim’s personal story to show the potential of the techniques in the book and introduces the “Limitless” mentality. and most importantly ways and means on how to read the book any book and remember the content! This book does a great job at explaining what the limitless mindset is and how it looks like, and then tells why it is important and talks about the motivation aspect of being limitless that covers the purpose, debunks a few myths and talks about limiting beliefs, the energy needed (an important chapter) and also simple steps to give you an edge. The methods to make yourself better are great too. Jim goes into a good amount of detail on methods and practical advice on speed reading, memory, learning better etc.

It is also noteworthy that a few of these methods and mindsets can be found in many other books as well. Jim turns the same concept a little and provides the same in a different perspective! Oh and the entire book is filled with examples and analogies and the most fun were the parts where he involves pop culture, superheroes from DC and Marvel to bring about his point! And it sure was exciting to think about these superheroes from the perspective he talks about!

What I really liked about the book: There are quite a few things that I really enjoyed. Each chapter begins by telling you what questions the chapter would answer. Each chapter ends with a summed up set of actionables you should remember. And there are these “Kwik Starts” which are things you can do within 1-2 minutes and try out the technique or method spoken in the book. I’ve tried a few and yes, they did seem useful! The book is full of Acronyms and Oh my, they do work and I still do remember quite a lot because of them! I loved the list of books Jim provides at the end of the book and that sure is a great resource.

What I didn’t like about the book: Not much but there were parts which just seemed like an advertisement of his services and classes and those did put me off, but well, as long as the point is conveyed, I’m fine with it. And this is perhaps not something I don’t like, but about 26% of the end of the book is all about references and an index which seemed to be a lot.

My Recommendation

This book is a must read for students. Especially as schools are beginning to open up, it would be a great resource for students if they read it before the academic year begins. This book is also a great read for anyone who wishes to learn better or learn how to learn!

If you follow many motivational speeches, of Jim’s podcast, many of the things in the book may seem familiar, but I feel that giving the book would be a place where everything is compact and at one place where you can refer to at any time!

I Would Rate it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

All Said and done, I have linked his Podcast here just in case you may want to try it out.

Until Next Time,
Stay Home, Stay Safe,
More Power To You

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