Lucy | Jamaica Kincaid | Book Review

Spoiler Free Review

Lucy by Jamaica Kincaid is a book that I opted to read to represent Antigua and Barbuda on my journey to read one book from each Country called Project Cross Borders.

If I were to review this book in one line, I would Say: This book is a deep dive into philisophies of life, growing up to the realities of adulthood as everything people are taught as children breaks down questioning us if there is ever a right way to parenting and many more questions on life.

Title: Lucy
Author: Jamaica Kincaid
Genre: Fiction/ Feminism/ Novella/Coming of age
Pages: 163
Rating: 3/5
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Image Credits: Goodreads

My Thoughts

Lucy is a coming of age story of a young girl who moves from the West Indies to the USA seeking answers to the questions 20-year-olds have. This is a book that meanders between her past, present and a whole world in between that indulges in fantasy and ponders about the big questions of love, friendship, sex, the life ahead and the meaning of life itself.

“Something settled inside me, something heavy and hard. It stayed there, and I could not think of one thing to make it go away. I thought, So this must be living, this must be the beginning of the time people later refer to as ‘years ago when I was young’.”

I started this book with no expectations and this book was good. In all fairness, I did not dislike it. This book brings forth the cultural differences between people in the West Indies and those in the States and reading this I was able to relate a lot to the culture in the West Indies as that is a little familiar to what we have here in India.

The first person POV seemed the best fit for this book and being a part of Lucy’s head was quite intriguing! Her philosophies of life were something that makes you think twice. One of the most profound concepts that intrigued me was about parenting. Can a parent ever truly understand their child? Would a child ever feel free to share things with parents?

This book relies more on descriptions than dialogue and this is what makes us put a bit of an effort to read!

What I really liked about the book: Lucy’s journey for freedom, understanding broken and strained relationships. The sheer brilliance of Jamaica Kincaid is seen through her philosophies she spoke through Lucy! The deep thoughts were what made me come back to this book after every break.

What I didn’t like about the book: The pace was a little slow for my liking and though the descriptions were what makes this book powerful, I felt it could be dialled back a little.

“Everybody knew that men have no morals, that they do not know how to behave, that they do not know how to treat other people. It was why men like laws so much; it was why they had to invent such things-they need a guide. When they are not sure what to do, they consult this guide. If the guide gives them advice they don’t like, they change the guide.”

My Recommendation

I’m not sure for whom this book is for, but I can definitely tell that this book is not for someone looking for a light read, or a book that questions the morals and our cultures to an extent.

I Would Rate it:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

With that,
More Power to you!


Just out of curiosity, drop a comment about what would you actually do better to parent a child if you had an opportunity? Drop in a comment!

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3 thoughts on “Lucy | Jamaica Kincaid | Book Review

  1. I thought this was an excellent read, do much packed into such a slim volume and such a biting commentary on the effect of colonialism and the ignorance of privilege. Some years ago I read her novel The Autobiography of My Mother, a novel and it was my One Outstanding Read of the Year, she has such a talent for seeing into the heart of things and shared it with that acerbic, Frank, confronting voice. Brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

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