What IS Valuable Content?? And How to Write It

You’re new to blogging and content writing. Or you just started your own Instagram page. You want people to follow you and see and appreciate what you do.

You search – How to get followers, how to build an audience, or what should I post on Instagram, how to get 1000 followers in a month on Google.

One of the points would’ve always been “Write valuable Content”.

And if you have ever asked yourself – What the heck is valuable content. This post is for you! And if you haven’t, there still might be some points you may appreciate and take back from! (Hopefully, this article could be valuable)

What is valuable content?

Let’s be honest. When we have an online presence and have our social media handles ready. Or we’ve decided to blog, some part of us believes that what we have to share (or sell) may be valuable to people around us.

We also over-estimate or under-estimate our worth, at least when we start out and that brings us a shit load of problems balancing our expectations and reality. Why does this happen?

It’s simple, we have no control in what people consider to be valuable or not. But, what do we do?

Again, the answer is simple, but doing it is not easy. Just write! Just post!

But, post something that you believe people will find worthy. Don’t post stuff that is irrelevant. Now, this might seem generic but think about it this way.

The only thing you control is what you post and your intent. When you offer help to someone, it is up to them to accept it or not. And that is exactly what we have to do here. As a beginner, we need to have a clarity of the smallest viable audience to whom what your content may mean something.

People don’t show up when you launch. They show up when they’re ready.

Seth Godin

This basically means is that, all you have to do is post content that you believe people would value, and I hope I can help you out with understanding how to do it as well by the end of this post.

If you are anyone like me, you would’ve or would be having doubts if my content is good enough for people to value. Am I worth it? There are people who write better stuff out there! I am no match for them! I’m still learning! I am not yet perfect! People will like my content if only it is perfect!

Well, it is natural to have your doubts. And it is natural to hesitate to write or post knowing that there are better people out there and people who do things better than you can do!

Don’t just shy away from your doubts. You have no clue how forgiving the internet can be! Yes, there will be trolls, but they are just a small per cent of havocmongers!

The point is, no one can generate content like you do! Nope, neither JARVIS can not can Lois Lane! You are the only one who can. As I mentioned in my post Write bad to write better writing bad content is better than writing no content.

You have your own style of content which is unique to you.

Style is the stuff you get wrong.

Jerry Garcia/Neil Gaiman

Think about it, if you are a guitarist and play every chord and note perfectly wouldn’t it be great? But if you’ve gained perfection, so would many others. There no longer would be a difference between you and the millions of others who play everything perfectly! Now, that is a boring world! Every imperfection you have has the potential to be your style. Yes, potential. The imperfections must be refined, by practice and only then will they amount to something. Diamonds aren’t their worth unless polished!

And you have to polish your craft over time. You will always have imperfections. You just have to keep your head down and keep learning from each post you create.

Will people read your stuff?

In the beginning, not many. But not many means someone does! And it is those few people as Seth Godin calls the smallest viable audience. Capture these pure souls and write. Word does go out and all the SEO shit would recognise what you are doing and help you gain traction over time! Yes, we live in a world where computers thousands of kilometres away judge us for who we are!

There will always be people who like what you do and how you do stuff and there would be people on the other side of the coin too! As a beginner, hone your skills in a comparatively forgiving crowd of people who like what you have to say! Just ensure that it isn’t all about you.

People need something to take back. So give them something that would make them think,”That was a good use of my 10 minutes”!

Just saying, people love Jon Snow even though he did almost nothing in all the 8 seasons of Game of Thrones! And he wasn’t even a Stark!

How to find stuff people would value?

It definitely is not tough. Thanks to computers thousands of Kilometres away, they can help you find out what people want.

Just check out the site called Answer the Public

Search for a keyword you want to write about. For this post, I searched for “Valuable content” with a man staring at you, hypnotizing you to search for what you want! You’ll know it when you go to that link!

And here were the results. People ask these questions on the internet.

All you have to do is, answer these questions with your own flair, your own style.

But for that, you need to know what others are doing, rather what they aren’t doing and do that, or answer that! And Ubersuggest is a great resource!

Here, you can see how many people search for the content, the top pages that show up on google search and read what they are doing! Also, you can find similar keywords and put them in your blog, with your own special style. The SEO difficulty section is something that might help you. The higher the score, the more difficult it is for your content to be seen! Check it out! Out of 100, the score for “valuable content” is 19! People barely write about it on the web! And that is your chance!

And here I am with a post on valuable content hoping this post would reach people and they find useful!

Research is Key

As I said in the previous section, find out what others are doing.

Find out what they are not doing.

And write about it.

And that’s where research comes. A very simple trick is to use Youtube. (It is the second largest search engine after Google). Check out a few videos. Make notes.

And create a flow of what you want to say in a way that allows the reader to get the maximum of what you have to say.

Research for stuff that would help them out! And write in a fashion that would keep them hooked until the end.

If you’re reading this, can I perhaps assume that you still are interested and I was able to keep your attention for a while? I definitely hope so!

For the structure of the blog, I use an app/website called Notion which is simply fantastic and have made a template to ensure I don’t miss out on stuff and create a space where I have all the points of research noted and also allows me to write a coherent and sensible post!

Here is the template! I am quite sure this would come in handy! Do check it out!

Be Consistent

Consistency is perhaps the best gift you can give yourself. There are two major reasons why it is important.

  1. When you are consistent, you are writing. (Again remember, doesn’t have to be perfect! We need your spin!) The more you write, the better you get. You learn from your mistakes. You polish your craft.
  2. It makes things easier for your audience. When you are starting out, you wouldn’t have made a mark on them. They need to see you frequently to get used to you. Would you remember the name of a stranger on a bus you had a conversation with one day, or if you have a conversation everyday?

Consistency depends on your feasibility. It could be every week, every month, every fortnight. Upto you. But be true to your audience.

Let them know when you post to ensure they are ready for your posts.

Remember, they need to take time off their precious lives, away from their own priorities, or Netflix to interact with your content! Let them know when to expect your content. And deliver your content as promised.

Always keep thinking

The other day I was watching a module of Steve Martin’s Masterclass on Comedy. What he said hit me hard.

“Think about comedy, all the time. Don’t think about anything else. Always think about the joke.”

By default and by intent you need to be thinking about it.

This is applicable here as well after all jokes are the “valuable content” for comedians right? Replace the word “joke” by the kind of content you wish to post.

Why should you?

Anything you interact with is potential content. Look what I have done. I just linked a masterclass on comedy to a post on valuable content! I made an analogy of Game of Thrones here. I spoke about DC and Marvel!

When you focus on the world outside with the mindset that it could be a potential piece of content for you, you become more observant.

You begin to make links between different things and would be able to make a more convincing post or convincing piece of content!

Also, this way you won’t run out of topics to post about!

In Conclusion

I hope this post would’ve helped given you an idea to help you out of the zone where you knew what you had to do but were crippled by not knowing how to do it!

Just be bold, expand your efforts and it should work!

You are one skill away from great wealth

Robert Kiyosaki

With that,
More Power to you!


I hope you liked this post! Is there something I must’ve missed out on? Do you do something different? Drop a comment, please!

I hope this post was helpful!
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