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Story of Don Juan is fascinating and a book I really enjoyed reading! I had chosen this book as part of my Project Cross Borders where I aim to read one book from each country in the world. And this Italian book was definitely worth the read! You can find more books here:

If I were to review this book in one line, I would Say: A great story about a man who loved women so much that he couldn’t settle down with one!!

Title: Story of Don Juan
Author: Alessandro Baricco
Genre: Classics/ Folklore
Pages: 91
Rating: 4/5
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
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“The crazy life and courageous death of a man who loved women too much to want only one.”

Don Giovanni is a passionate lover of life and nearly 1,000 women. One night, the Commendatore of Calatrava catches him kissing his daughter, and challenges him to a duel. Don Giovanni wins the duel, which of course means that the Commendatore is slain and so begins the end for the incorrigible seducer …

Source: Goodreads

My Thoughts

This is a retelling of a folktale with Alessandro’s twist to it. This story asks an important question which has stemmed debates for ages, with no right answer in view.

This story simply was more than what I expected! This story had a beautiful usage of magic realism which I really love. The story though lesser than 100 pages is so much more than what the excerpt talks about.

The book asks the important question that Mozart’s rendering of the story also asked, “Is it right to challenge morality in the name of Freedom?” If not, then freedom is impossible to achieve. If yes, then a world of chaos what we want in the name of freedom?

This is one of the finest storytelling I’ve seen! This story has just those elements that are necessary, just those dialogues as necessary. Each sentence in the story had a purpose and that made this story so engrossing.

The characters were quite relatable, and then there was Don Giovanni, a man who lives by his own rules. A man of a strict moral code, where his word is his honour and yet loved more than 2000 women from all over Europe.

If there existed a scale that could measure the perfectness of pace of a story, this story would be the reference to the scale! Hahaha, just an exaggeration. The story had a good pace mainly because it was small, perfectly edited and concise.

What I really liked about the book: I loved the magic realism aspect of the story and the perfect use of it and I was completely fascinated by the character of Don Juan (even though I do not accept his deeds) but being around with the man would have been exciting- A man whose only fear was boredom! This story has a great balance of the comic and the tragic!

What I didn’t like about the book: The book finished before my coffee got cold! I just wanted to be in the world of Don Juan for a little while longer! So I read it again.

My Recommendation

This book is small enough for anyone to read it. And this book definitely would be super fun and fascinating read for anyone who pics this book up!

A cup of coffee, the rain outside the window, a couch, a blanket and the Story of Don Juan would be a perfect combination to bliss!

If you, the awesome person reached this part of the review, then I am talking to you. This book is for you.

I Would Rate it:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

With that,
More Power to you!


What do you think about morality and freedom? Is morality a hindrance to freedom? Do drop in your comments!

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