Barely A Brain Fart

Some farts don’t stink. This is not one of those.

This is just a result of some extreme efforts at procrastination towards writing and conveniently and comfortably naming it as “Writer’s Block”.

Ok. I haven’t gone mad. Let me cut to the chase. I’ve been planning to come up with a series where I post something everyday!

All of us experience Brain Farts!

Brain farts are those tiny thoughts, flashes of realisations that hit you. You think “Whoa! That’s something! I may use it sometime later.” Two hours later, you don’t even remember you had had the thought!

This is a series I want to document. I’ve been reading books and some micro realisations have been helpful and I think may be of use to people who would read this tiny spot on the web.

I can’t (won’t) assure they’d be any useful to you. Sometimes I’m going to drop a few observations, crack a few lame jokes that aren’t worth your time, Aha moments, or someone else’s brain farts that could ignite the thought sparks! I also hope you wouldn’t mind a few memes as well :p

I know I procrastinate. I did procrastinate putting up this post since November! I’ve been noting my brain farts on notion but never posted them. I always had some or the other excuse ready.

I’m travelling around South India now. I think, me posting while travelling would be me overcoming my procrastination and making a commitment to you all that you can find my posts every day!

Keep Learning!

PS: I’m going to start from tomorrow. Which will come.

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