Is Veg Biryani Pulao? Daily Brainfart #1

This is the most common thing we hear non vegetarians say!

Most of them claim non veg food is better that vegetarian/vegan food. (It hurts our feelings bro)

Many can’t accept the fact that science has proved that vegetarian and vegan foods do provide equal nutrition. (But, that’s beside the matter…)

They then say, non veg tastes better.

The conversation becomes moot at this point.

Or both parties flare up.

People say, “Veg Biryani is Pulao.”
But, well, it isn’t.
Coz, Pulao exists separately!
And that’s just a weird argument!

But, what strikes me is that there is a gap between what they mean and say.

When they say non veg is better, in most cases they mean that it is different.

To someone who loves a carrot, no amount of chicken can make them feel better.
And to someone who loves chicken, no amount of carrot can make them feel better!

I guess, this is a matter of priority. What is good for one, doesn’t have to be good for another.

Let us settle this war we rage, and find harmony in our differences in opinion and not add Vegetarians to split the bill with non-vegetarians when non-veg food is much costlier! (Plea of a student with almost empty wallets)

Cover Pic: Photo by alleksana from Pexels

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