The Hidden Life of Trees | Peter Wohlleben | Book Review

Spoiler Free Review

I’ve started listening to audiobooks again, thanks to Storytel and this book was the first promotional notification I got. This is the kind of book I’d have chucked aside and wouldn’t have given any second thoughts.

But, thanks to the pandemic, I found a few friends who got into gardening and I thought I’d forward the suggestion. I read the blurb and guess what. I ended up listening and reading and falling in love with this book before my “plant-loving” lazy friends checked the link!

Title: The Hidden Life of Trees: What they feel, how they communicate- Discoveries from a secret world
Author: Peter Wohlleben
Genre: Non fiction | Science | Environment
Pages: 288
GR Rating: 4.04
First Published: May, 2015
Links: Goodreads | Amazon

My Thoughts

As the name suggests, this book does give us insider info about trees. It speaks so much about the “social life” of trees and sort of indirectly slaps me hard for being blind to the amazing stuff trees do all the time.

The author spoke about trees as we write about people. The author made trees relatable. The biggest insight I took from this book was how similar we are to trees except for the fact that trees live a life at a much slower pace when compared to us.

It was a surprise (to me) when I learnt that some trees that are 100 years old are still juveniles and take nutrition from their parents through roots. Trees nurture young ones for centuries! Trees also punish young ones and reward young ones for following ideal behaviour!

I was amazed to see that trees have personalities! Each tree is special in its own way just like each person is special in their own way. And trees that grow together, behave differently. They support each other, they nourish each other, they take care of the weak, they repay favours to each other, they protect each other. Is this any different to what we do with each other in our families?

The book flows like fiction. This non-fiction book that speaks facts and showcases truths about plant lives in forests and isolation, is the epitome of storytelling. The prowess with which Peter describes situations and plant behaviour would suck you in like a thriller!

What I really liked about the book:

I loved the flow of the book. There were no sections that were left midway and the sheer joy of reading a well-written book left me ecstatic!

What I didn’t like about the book:

I absolutely enjoyed the book and learnt a lot. I have nothing to say in this aspect.

My Recommendation

This is a book that will leave any reader wonderstruck. I am quite sure there is something to learn from this book for everyone from ignorant people like me to professional plant lovers.

In short, if you’ve read this review until here, the next step is to just get the book and read it!

I Would Rate it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So, here is a song for you.

With that,
More Power to you!


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