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Spoiler Free Review

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini was the last Fantasy book I read before life smacked me in the face that I somehow began expanding the horizons of the books I read!

And after a friend of mine guilt-tripped me for reading non-fiction and loving Murakami way too much, I thought I’d pick up something.

Most of the books were huge and were parts of a series, and that’s when I stumbled upon this book with a respectable page length and a beautiful cover.

Aaaargh! The only time I hate having a Kindle is that I can’t take amazing pics with it!

Title: An Unkindness of Magicians
Author: Kat Howard
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 352
GR Rating: 3.75
First Published: September 2017
Links: Goodreads | Amazon

My Thoughts

The book started on a strong note and Oh my! I was sucked right into it! The book seemed promising and I loved the sheer pace of the book.

The concept and rules of magic in the world created by Kat was phenomenal and was true to the title of the book. The magic in the book is brutal, and so are the consequences of magic performed!

The story seemed to have a few uncanny ideas similar to the Fate anime series and yet did justice to the plot.

As I read a couple of chapters and when the plot thickens, the story is about to reach a turning point filled with uncertainty, the book keeps building up the magic battles I find myself pushing myself to read more and not stop come what may. And then, in many parts, the battle begins and ends within a few sentences which made me almost throw the kindle away.

The book seriously lacks much magical action and battles. But, sort of compensates it with great strategy and the insane world that was built.

The book has way too many characters for me to keep up with within a span of about 350 pages and I didn’t find any time to care for any character. The book felt a lot like a documentary that’s interesting just by the sheer virtue of the plot and setting but is bland and devoid of many emotions.

What I really liked about the book: I really loved the rules of magic and the world in which the story was set in. The pace of the book was great. Ooooh! The book is also quite dark and sort of right up my alley! What I didn’t like about the book: The lack of emotion, the inconsistency of action was a massive turn off in the book. One of the worst things I felt was how a few aspects of the plot were revealed prematurely and ruined the flow. The sheer amount of characters and their relationships packed in a short book was overwhelming. When I hear people telling me to “show and not tell” while writing, I guess this book could be an example of how just “telling” deprives a story of a masterpiece that it could’ve been.

My final thoughts: I did get to know that there’s going to be a sequel called “A Sleight of Shadows”. And if you ask me if I’m looking forward to it, I’d say “No, I’ll wait for a few reviews. But I do hope, it works on the many things it fell short with!”

My Recommendation

If you love to explore new worlds and enjoy a dark setting with some amazing displays of magic then this book is for you.

If you are a fan of the fantasy/ urban fantasy genre, then this is a book for you.

If you are planning to enter the fantasy genre, then no, please don’t let this be the first book you read.

You wouldn’t be missing out if you skipped this.

I Would Rate it:

Rating: 2 out of 5.

What is your favourite Fantasy novel series that you’ve read and believe more people should be reading it?

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More Power to you!


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