Engineer. Dreamer. Bibliophile.

I’m Kushal and I am a day dreamer (That’s what Mechanical Engineers are called in India) who dabbles in pop culture, weird music, books and is a good writer ( Self validation is a part and parcel of life) and is serious about one thing- Making a difference and leaving a mark during my time here.
And, that is how Barely Wise came up to be.

The blog begun through a fantasy of being the cool kid with the name “Pedals, Popcorn and Pages” as a hobby to showcase a few of my works through poems and short stories, stories of cycling and my love for pop culture.

As time flew by, my grades kept falling (apparently, Suits and Brooklyn Nine nine and the DC Animated universe doesn’t help) and I needed a change, was when the blog transformed into “Barely Wise” focused on being a journey of growth where each day we grow wiser, and will always be wiser tomorrow. This is now blog of learning and living life with things that matter most to me – Books, writing stories, Movies, and anything out of the ordinary and do my part of sharing the best with the world.

I wish to one day see a world which runs on kindness and helping each other and enjoying the journey together! This blog is an attempt in that direction. I believe everyone can benefit from the highlights of books I read (even those who cannot read entire books) and help them improve themselves as well. And this is a win win situation as the blog allows me be on my best shoes! I do hope I grow along with you as well!

What I Blog About

All about Books

A section that compresses massive texts into byte sized notes and bit sized Summaries of books that I read.
I would also voice out my experience of reading the books through Book Reviews.

Travels and Pedals

This blog would be incomplete without me talking about exploring, travelling and whistling into the wind on by cycle.

Growing Wise?

The name of the blog needs to be justified. Just as much as you can learn through notes and summaries of books, this section is about the things that I resonate with things that work for me to improve my lifestyle and productivity.

The Pen

This is the section which brings me most joy everytime I visit it. This is where I post my Short stories and Poems.

Being a nascent blog, I am not accepting Review requests currently. And I look forward to doing so in the near future!

I hope you do love the blog and find value through it. And most importantly, Enjoy the journey!

Psst… I’d Love to hear from you too!