About Me

I am an average Indian dreamer (Indian parents’ call my type a student), with an average Indian life with above-average fantasies floating in my head.

Well, I dream about ticking off things from my Fantasy driven Bucket list and feel Wonderstruck each time a part of it hits reality.

I’ve always been fascinated with travel, reading, binge-watching stuff, engineering, cycling, reading while travelling, dreaming while cycling and just about being a good person who tries helping people whenever I can.

This blog is something I’ve started because I’ve begun the process to get out of the cocoon and just be out there!

I’ll be writing about my travels (when I save up), by obsession with cycling, my love for books, movies, shows and my immature pop culture.
Did I forget? I like to write stories and sometimes happen to pen down some mediocre poetry (My mum says I’d put Robert Frost to shame, but oh well, she’s a mother and mothers are never wrong)

I hope this is a space I share moments I’ve been Wonderstruck and otherwise as well (which may turn out to be great too) that you’d appreciate and also, hope this is a space where I can see the world through a whole new perspective!

Oh! You can always reach out to me here !

Good day!