Why do you like what you do?

Some people love their jobs and some don’t.
Some hate their jobs and some don’t.

But why does one fall in any one of the above categories?

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Why toppers lie before exams?

If you’ve felt like ripping apart someone’s head when they say they know nothing before an exam and go on to top it, this is a post you should read!

A humble defence by a topper of sorts!

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Just this once…

Have you ever said, ” Just this once, I’ll skip it. I promise I’ll do it tomorrow?”

And the tomorrow never comes?

This post is about how fragile our habits are!

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What’s responsibility bias all about?

If you have ever worked in a team, or have heard someone say, “Damn it! It is me who always has to do all the work!” or have yourself said it (in some cases it is true! But, I’m going to talk about the rest of the times), you are not alone.
This post is to help understand why we feel so.

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Waking Up to the Ghosts of the Morning | Short Story

When the alarms start blaring and lights turn on, that’s when the ghosts come out.
No longer confined to nights and full moons they haunt mercilessly with smiles…
And the fate of a family is at stake.

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I’m Fine | Short Story

It’s Christmas eve.
This is a story of give and take.
And that of a really uncomfortable, desperate Santa!

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What IS Valuable Content?? And How to Write It

If you’re starting out and with all the advise about writing/posting Valuable content, and you go like “What the heck does it even mean?”
You know, you gotta check this post out!

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