Whom Should You Reach Out To?

Hey there! You want a job or an internship. You apply to many places through proper channels. You sign up to websites and job portals. You wait for a response. And, someone you know, drops you a message that they got a job/internship or whatever they were searching for. You have mixed feelings! Happy they […]

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Why “Just Googling It” Makes Life Harder!

“I know history is important, but do I need to know when Akbar was born and when Shah Jahan died! If needed, I can just google it” “Why should I by heart the first 30 elements of the Periodic Table in order? Can’t I just Google that?” “I suck at exams! They ask questions based […]

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Have you worked hard just to barely get any results? | Plateau Effect

Hey there! Remember the times when you were motivated to work out and you sign up for a gym? Or perhaps you’re like me who believes that the gym isn’t a necessity to get fit? Either way, if you stuck around for a few days, you would’ve observed that your muscles begin to improve and […]

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Can making mistakes make you admirable? | The Pratfall Effect

Hey there! I’ve had been through a couple of interviews and in each one, I felt I somehow botched it. In some, I was selected (and that came as a surprise). In some, I was rejected (as expected). But, what if there is another effect that is at play oblivious to us? How is it […]

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So much to do and There’s no Time. It’s killing us

Hey there! If anyone would’ve asked me what I was doing at any point of the day three months back I would’ve said I write for my blog, write short stories, read books, play GTA (or perhaps a Batman game), study for my exams, learn to play the guitar, do 3 Coursera courses, cycle 30km, […]

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Why do you like what you do?

Some people love their jobs and some don’t.
Some hate their jobs and some don’t.

But why does one fall in any one of the above categories?

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Just this once…

Have you ever said, ” Just this once, I’ll skip it. I promise I’ll do it tomorrow?”

And the tomorrow never comes?

This post is about how fragile our habits are!

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What’s responsibility bias all about?

If you have ever worked in a team, or have heard someone say, “Damn it! It is me who always has to do all the work!” or have yourself said it (in some cases it is true! But, I’m going to talk about the rest of the times), you are not alone.
This post is to help understand why we feel so.

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Is it Cheating to Listen to Audiobooks?

This is an unbiased post to put an end to the endless debate on Audiobooks.
I hope at the end of the post you would be able to decide for yourself whether Audiobooks are your thing or Not.

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