Have you worked hard just to barely get any results? | Plateau Effect

Hey there! Remember the times when you were motivated to work out and you sign up for a gym? Or perhaps you’re like me who believes that the gym isn’t a necessity to get fit? Either way, if you stuck around for a few days, you would’ve observed that your muscles begin to improve and […]

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Can making mistakes make you admirable? | The Pratfall Effect

Hey there! I’ve had been through a couple of interviews and in each one, I felt I somehow botched it. In some, I was selected (and that came as a surprise). In some, I was rejected (as expected). But, what if there is another effect that is at play oblivious to us? How is it […]

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Why do you like what you do?

Some people love their jobs and some don’t.
Some hate their jobs and some don’t.

But why does one fall in any one of the above categories?

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Why toppers lie before exams?

If you’ve felt like ripping apart someone’s head when they say they know nothing before an exam and go on to top it, this is a post you should read!

A humble defence by a topper of sorts!

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Just this once…

Have you ever said, ” Just this once, I’ll skip it. I promise I’ll do it tomorrow?”

And the tomorrow never comes?

This post is about how fragile our habits are!

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What’s responsibility bias all about?

If you have ever worked in a team, or have heard someone say, “Damn it! It is me who always has to do all the work!” or have yourself said it (in some cases it is true! But, I’m going to talk about the rest of the times), you are not alone.
This post is to help understand why we feel so.

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What IS Valuable Content?? And How to Write It

If you’re starting out and with all the advise about writing/posting Valuable content, and you go like “What the heck does it even mean?”
You know, you gotta check this post out!

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6 Ways to consume news responsibly

Consuming news can either be tiring and depressing or it could be energising and a source of knowledge.
And that depends on how we consume news.
In this article I have explained how we can consume news responsibly and healthily.

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Write Bad to write Better | Writing Tips

If you are struggling to write articles, or can’t finish them or they just don’t seem to come out as you expect; this Counter-intuitive method could help you out!

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Why Should we Care about The Earth Overshoot Day?

We have used up all the resources our Earth could have produced this year a week ago! We are living on resources of the next year!
The Earth Overshoot Day is something each one of us must watch out for.

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