What I am Doing Now

People often ask me what I am upto now. Here is an attempt to put up the stuff I am doing now out there for the world to know, and also hold myself accountable every fortnight!

Updated on 15 September 2020


I am doing my Mechanical Engineering and waiting to get done with my final exams and graduate.
Searching and applying to universities in Europe to do Masters courses in “Renewable Energy” or “Mechanical Engineering.”
I have just begun learning to play the Guitar!

Books and Audiobooks:


  1. Project India – Where my goal is to read one book from every state in India.
  2. Project Cross Borders – I am on a quest to read atleast one book from every country recognised by the United Nations.
  3. Working on starting a Podcast.


  1. Numerical Analysis on MATLAB
  2. Foundations of Stock Trading on udemy.
  3. HTML and CSS


  1. Office – Season 2
  2. Jack Ryan – Season 2

Podcasts I follow

  1. Sleep with me
  2. The Knowledge Project
  3. Worklife with Adam Grant
  4. Lore

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers!