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Hi there! I’m Kushal and this is my little corner on the World Wide Web and the guy on the other side of the screen.

I’m a Learner who Dreams and a Dreamer who Writes.

I started this blog because of a ‘lightbulb moment’ in my head where I felt guilty of reading books and keep all the knowledge with me. In this blog I share my experiences with books, write about what I learnt in them and sometimes sneak in my creative side as well. I write for the sheer joy of knowing what I write could be of value to someone. I tried to create a space where you can learn and gain insights on many things.

If you’re looking to learn about writing and blogging, or have no time to read books but wish to gain valuable nuggets from them or just sit back, relax and read a few stories and poem, this blog has you sorted. I’m working on quite a few things which might interest you! 😎

What I am working on?

πŸ“š My recent Book Reviews and Notes!

How do you fit in and where? | Optimal Distinctiveness

Hey there! Has it ever happened to you that when an audience gives a standing ovation, you have an urge to stand as well? Did you ever feel you were a part of a group but felt dissatisfied by the company you keep? When you truly do something you love which is unique and have […]

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✍ My Recent Writings

The Machine | Short Story

One night he slept. Come morning, there it was; a machine of unknown origin that attracted far and wide and send them back smiling.
But, at what cost? Humanity?

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πŸ“ My Recent Articles

Why toppers lie before exams?

If you’ve felt like ripping apart someone’s head when they say they know nothing before an exam and go on to top it, this is a post you should read!

A humble defence by a topper of sorts!

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I think these would be good enough to get you started! If you wish to know about me (I’d be super flattered!), or check out what I am upto or perhaps would love to drop in and Say “Hi!” (and make my day) you could check the links below.