A Life Incomplete | Nanak Singh | Book Review

This book turns out to be the second book I’ve read under the Project India I’ve been working on where I read one book from an author in each state in India; the first being Goat Days by Benyamin.  A Life Incomplete ( Adh Khidya Phul in Punjabi) was one of the most famous works […]

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The Cases that India Forgot | Chintan Chandrachud | Book Review

Have you ever thought of what powers the government has and what powers are upheld by the law? Do you feel that moving to the Supreme court is a solution to troubles caused by the Government?

Can our government increase its power against the people of the country? What powers do the people have with respect to the government and the law?

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Goat Days | Benyamin | Book Review

Would you, in your sane mind symbolise prison with freedom? Well, prison was apparently a ticket to freedom for Najeeb! Did it turn out to be? You’ll have to read the book for that.

This is a review about that book that you would not want to miss!

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Cycling in the God’s Own Country | Kochi, Kerala

Little do we know what to expect on roads untravelled, from conversing with people,things and what not to read a book on the beach. This is one adventure of mine where I took the road not taken, and I shall tell this with a happy sigh; that had made all the difference.

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