Have you worked hard just to barely get any results? | Plateau Effect

Hey there! Remember the times when you were motivated to work out and you sign up for a gym? Or perhaps you’re like me who believes that the gym isn’t a necessity to get fit? Either way, if you stuck around for a few days, you would’ve observed that your muscles begin to improve and […]

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Just this once…

Have you ever said, ” Just this once, I’ll skip it. I promise I’ll do it tomorrow?”

And the tomorrow never comes?

This post is about how fragile our habits are!

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How to Get Into a Reading Habit

If you never ever wanted to read books…
Or if you always wanted to read but never could?…
Or you love reading but lost the habit…
Or you are entirely bored of the lockdown that there is nothing else you can do…
Or you just love to read about reading,
Here’s a post on how to get into a habit of reading.

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Why We Sleep| Matthew Walker| Book Review

We spend most of our time to grow improve ourselves to ensure 66% of our entire life is comfortable and successful.
This book talks about the remaining 33% which we ignore, and has ghasty impacts on our waking lives.
This book deserves a 10/10 recommendation.

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