Whom Should You Reach Out To?

Hey there! You want a job or an internship. You apply to many places through proper channels. You sign up to websites and job portals. You wait for a response. And, someone you know, drops you a message that they got a job/internship or whatever they were searching for. You have mixed feelings! Happy they […]

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Why “Just Googling It” Makes Life Harder!

“I know history is important, but do I need to know when Akbar was born and when Shah Jahan died! If needed, I can just google it” “Why should I by heart the first 30 elements of the Periodic Table in order? Can’t I just Google that?” “I suck at exams! They ask questions based […]

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Just this once…

Have you ever said, ” Just this once, I’ll skip it. I promise I’ll do it tomorrow?”

And the tomorrow never comes?

This post is about how fragile our habits are!

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6 Ways to consume news responsibly

Consuming news can either be tiring and depressing or it could be energising and a source of knowledge.
And that depends on how we consume news.
In this article I have explained how we can consume news responsibly and healthily.

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Limitless | Jim Kwik | Book Review

If you are looking for a book that helps you “Learn how to learn” and unlock the potential of the mind, This is your Go to book!

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Stop Studying Hard. Instead Study Less, Study Smart

If everyone keeps telling you to “Study Hard” but you haven’t had much success with it, or wish to score better in your tests and actually learn stuff for the long term then this post is just for you with actionable steps you can use immediately.

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Outliers | Malcolm Gladwell | Book Review

A book with a strong concept and out of the box thinking on how we perceive success.
This is a book that makes you Stop, think twice and then jump to conclusions.

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My Impossible List

The impossible list is a concept which is a twist to the Bucket list which is all about things you wish in life and can achieve them. It is more or less static.

The impossible list on the other hand is dynamic. This list is about things I would never expect to achieve. These are things that only the big stars could do! But there’s no harm trying it out right? Also, each time one of the things gets checked off my list, I would have to find something more challenging and tougher.

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